Copper Repiping in Norwalk – Stolen Pipes??

Copper Piping in Norwalk
Copper Pipes in Norwalk

If you don’t believe in copper piping theft, check out these pictures! These were taken at a copper repiping job site in the city of Norwalk. A thief went under a vacant house, cut the copper pipes, and took them! It is an extremely good idea to have PEX Pipes installed at your house if it is in an unsafe neighborhood!! PEX is a polyurethane material and does not have scrap value. You can be sure that PEX pipes do not attract thieves. Folks always ask me when is it a good idea to use PEX piping instead of Copper piping. Well, this is a perfect example! : ) Going with PEX will ensure that you will be worry free of someone stealing your copper pipes while you’re on vacation and forcing you to repipe your house again. : )


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