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Hello, we’re John and Mike Ovsepyan, two brothers with 20 years in the plumbing trade. Our Repiping Specialists – Care Plumbing family has repiped over 5,000+ homes all over Southern California. We are committed to excellent service, and we are fully licensed, with both liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance. We serve Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Ventura County.

We started in the plumbing business with our father back in 1992. Dad gave us a real hands-on education, teaching us all the foundational skills we still use every day in our work.

“How you succeed in plumbing,” our father told us, “is the same as how you succeed at anything in life. It starts with the basics, the little things you do over and over. If you learn to do these things the correct way from the beginning, then you will always repeat them correctly – throughout your whole career.”

It’s a lesson that has served us well for two decades, and counting.

In addition to this, Dad emphasized the other thing which made him successful – his values, which he took time to share with us.  “Honesty comes first,” he always said. We watched him working with customers, and by example he taught us the importance of being friendly. “People appreciate the basics, like courtesy and punctuality,” he told us, and he was right.

After four years working alongside our father, I, John, took my Contractors State License Board Exam, and at the age of 21 became a licensed contractor. It was one of my proudest days when I passed the exam, and celebrated with my father and brother.

Mike and I branched out and worked with other plumbing companies. We furthered our skills by training under a legendary figure in Southern California plumbing, Joe Komaian.  Joe built upon the lessons from our father, teaching us layer upon layer of new skills, until we were ready to strike out on our own.

In our early days, we had a single pickup truck and one set of tools. Little by little, one satisfied family after another, we built our business and became known among the bigger plumbing companies, for whom we often subcontracted.

We have repiped residences, small businesses, and even done repiping in major commercial properties – we did all the plumbing for The Spa in Glendale, at The Americana shopping center.

As brothers each of us brings our own strengths to Repiping Specialists – Care Plumbing. I specialize in the technical details, keeping track of the various laws and regulations involved; I know the inner workings of the city government, and handle all the paperwork. I orchestrate the backstage elements!

Meanwhile, Mike manages the crews, enjoys talking with customers, and sees to the thousand daily details on site necessary to make a repipe successful – Mike shines as the onstage partner!
The talents of each of us as brothers come together at Repiping Specialists – Care Plumbing – a company which handles all aspects of repiping and other plumbing work with consummate skill and a personal touch.

Both myself and Mike now have families of our own – each of us has a daughter, and they were born only eleven days apart! We’ve always taken pride in our work and when we became husbands and fathers we understood, in a deeper way, how the need for water is as old as life itself.

While many things change in the modern world, access to clean water is one of the handful of truly essential ingredients for a healthy family. We feel lucky to work in such a vital field.

We appreciate you’ve taken the time to get to know a little about us, and we look forward to working with you and serving your family, to handle all your repiping and other plumbing needs.

Thank you,
John and Mike

Repiping Specialists – Care Plumbing


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