We recently had Care Plumbing repipe our home and we are very pleased and satisfied with the work. The crew (both crews) did excellent work - they were very courteous and diligent workers. Each worker knew exactly what to do.
I would highly recommend Care Plumbing.
I would also like to thank Mike for taking his time to explain everything to us about repiping!

The Awazu Family
Charlie & Amy

Charlie & Amy - Cypress, CA

December 18, 2014

To Whom It May Concern

Mike and John at Care Plumbing did an excellent job on our home's total repipe project. Not only did they repipe the incoming water line, the house pipes, the drainage pipes, the sewer line, and replace the water heater, but they also made every effort to address the numerous none standard related water issues found in our 60 plus year old house.

Out of the ten companies I solicited for quotes, I chose Care Plumbing not only because of the great price, but because of their exhaustively thorough, most comprehensive and attentive quote. Mike's quote process was educational and he had physical displays of the products of his craft. Additionally, he came back in person to review the details of the entire project with me again before I made the final decision.

For our home, the water supply pipe was retrenched using industry standard copper pipes to replace what was previously discovered as improper PVC pipes. At this point, John and Mike made every effort to repair and replace the connections to the irrigation system that were previously connected to the water supply line incorrectly and in a position prior to the house's main valve. Now the irrigation line can actually be turned off. Not an easy task considering many of those connections were buried underground.

Repiping our house was not a straight forward job as many of the appliances, fittings, faucets and architecture were not standard. The Care Plumbing team had to customize fittings, custom weld a faucet stem, replace/reinforce toilet base and flange, and chip away for pipes previously embedded into cement. Their tireless effort for completeness was definitely above and beyond. Their repipe job left none of the previous galvanized piping in our house and was more thorough than I had expected.

The sewer line job was an even larger headache and Mike, John, and Care Plumbing team continued daily to tackle the trenching and installation of pipe. The trenching was difficult and they worked hard almost 2 hours after the sun had set. They used all the work and flashlights that they could to get the job done. At the end they had completed the 12 foot deep hole to complete the sewer connection. This was just another reflection of their tireless efforts.

I am very pleased that I made the right choice by going with Mike, John and the Care Plumbing team. Their work ethic, customer care, and workmanship are truly one of the best.

Wei Cyrus Hung

Wei Cyrus Hung - West Covina, CA

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Subject: Wonderful Work

To Mike and John and Crew

My husband and I have been living in our home for over 40 years and our house had the original pipes. We needed to have our entire house re-piped. I thought to myself oh no, another project and hated the idea of having to have plumbers and piping replacement people come into my home and do a terrible job. We have had numerous plumbers, flooring projects that just ended up as a nightmare. Then we met Mike and John through a advertisement on the door. I thought this can't be good. My husband decided to call them and see what his first impression was and get 2 other estimates.

My husband was so impressed with them, their knowledge and explanation of what needed to be done. He actually thought they knew what they were talking about and felt like they were honest, professional people. He didn't even call for the other two estimates We were very, very impressed with their work. They did exactly what they said they would do and get this, if you texted them, emalled them or called them they answered their phone, or email and texted back right away. Not 5 hrs later, 1 day later, or 2 days later or a week or not at all. They actually got back to us right away as if you were family. Shock. I cannot say enough of how great these guys are. They suggested a new shower head and believe me what a difference my showers have been. I love it.

I wanted to let everyone know that if you ever need to have work done by these guys, you will be in good
hands. Excellent price, pride in their work, knowledgeable and accessible if you need them. This is a rare thing. No one I know in this type of work is this considerate and helpful. It reminds me of the old days when you could depend on people to do the work, get it done right and feel like you weren't ripped off. These guys were always there and not trying to run away and get to another job and forget about you.

I would recommend them to my family and friends. My son will eventually need new pipes and guess who will do the job for them. Mike and John. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKS SOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR GREAT WORK.. Bruce and Irene Hasegawa

Bruce & Irene Hasegawa - West Covina, CA

24 November 2014

To: Care Plumbing Inc.
Repiping Specialists
3017 N. San Fernando Blvd, Suite #A
Burbank, CA 91504

From: Michael Hanshaw
Lancaster, CA 93536

Subject: Letter of Appreciation (Whole-Home Re-Pipe)

Please accept my great appreciation for a job well done. Like many homes in my area, the original poorly insulated sub-slab/thin-walled copper water pipes began to fail due to the inevitable interaction with alkaline soil and concrete-ultimately resulting in pipe corrosion, pinhole leaks, and potential compromise of the foundation's structural integrity. Without any hesitation, Care Plumbing Inc. immediately diagnosed the problem and determined the most cost-effective course of action.

The Care Plumbing experts provided in-depth explanations (with actual hardware display tutorials) conveying exactly what was needed to re-pipe my home; including details of their high-quality work standards and selection of industry-leading parts and materials. The scope- of-work was clear and concise; detailing exactly what work would be accomplished to address the root-cause problem.

As promised, the work was completed in a timely and skilled manner to my complete satisfaction-with zero issues noted. Most remarkably, the drywall repairs were absolutely indistinguishable from the original surrounding walls. The quality of work, professionalism, and thoroughness of the final cleanup demonstrated Care Plumbing's exemplary care for my home and belongings-which far exceeded my expectations. In fact, this has been the most satisfying contracted home repair activity I have ever experienced. Without question, I highly recommend Care Plumbing!

Satisfied Customer
Lancaster, CA

Michael Hanshaw - Lancester, CA

Ken and Kim Smith
Monrovia, CA 91016

November 21, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

After an exhaustive search and meetings with many repipe companies, we hired Mike and John Ovsepyan, owners of Care Plumbing. The name of their company speaks for itself. If my mother needed a repipe, I would tell her not to even bother to look for a plumber; I'd send Care Plumbing right over.

We are not wealthy people and had heard horror stories about unscrupulous contractors, so we were a little worried during this process of finding a repipe company. When Mike came out to meet me, he took his time and thoroughly explained, in terms a housewife could understand, the entire procedure, advantages and disadvantages of various materials, and the route from the main water line to the back of our house. He brought actual samples of the materials they use displayed on a board jointed together, not just pictures or disconnected pieces. That way I could see and feel the quality of the copper, PEX, valves, etc... I could see how these materials were joined and how stub-outs would look, and why they do the piping the way they do it. It was a fantastic education and he didn't rush through assuming he'd have to come back and speak to my husband because I am a woman as some of the others did.

During the project my husband and I forgot to communicate how we wanted something specifically done. We paid the bill and a several days later realized that we had forgotten to ask them to do the piping in our attic a certain way. They already had our money and could have just said it wasn't their fault and left it at that, but both Mike and John came out on a Sunday for several hours and redid the piping in our attic to our specifications; no questions asked and no additional charge. This was above and beyond the call of duty. They are the most hard-working, honest people we have ever had work on our home. They covered all our furniture and appliances to save them from dust. They came when they said they would and finished when they said they would. Even the city inspector was impressed with their work and immediately signed off on the permit.

Their drywall patching crew is absolutely amazing! You literally cannot see where the holes in our ceiling and walls were. They are completely invisible. A five star rating is just not good enough for this company. I wish there were a way to give more.

We are people of faith and would not freely give a good recommendation were it not earned. You will not be sorry if you choose this company.

Ken Smith

Kim Smith

Ken & Kim Smith - Monrovia, CA

Patricia Chen
Los Angeles, CA 90042

February 3, 2014

John and Mike Ovsepyan Care Plumbing
3017 N. San Fernando Blvd. Suite A
Burbank, CA 91504

Re: Repiping job at 616 S. Avenue 61, Los Angeles, CA

Dear John and Mike:

Thank you so much for the fantastic copper repiping job you did at our house. From the estimate to closing out the permit, you and your team have shown nothing but professionalism, courtesy, and above all, patience. We especially commend you on how you dealt with our difficult tenant - you went above and beyond to clean and restore the house after the job.

Your estimate was extremely reasonable, and there were absolutely no hidden charges. We had another estimate done only to find additional charges when we asked for more details. Furthermore, you kept us informed of your team's progress each day and completed the work within the schedule we discussed.

You also did extra tasks that you did not necessarily have to do from adjusting our water recirculation pump (which was newly installed by another plumber who was not nearly as conscientious) to cleaning and replacing the bulb in our bathroom fan.

While we were dismayed at having to repipe our 12 year old house (it had faulty piping), we are thankful that you made the process (and cost) easier to swallow.

Thank you again for everything!

Patricia Chen

Patricia Chen - Los Angeles, CA

November 21, 2013
West Covina Job

3017 N. San Fernando Blvd. # A
Burbank, CA 91504


To: Mike & John Ovsepyan & (your amazing crew)

My wife and I have had over the past 42 years of owning our home. We have had, numerous contractors do flooring, plumbing etc. For the most part plumbing has been a sore spot for us. We had 2 different so-called Plumber Contractors - pretty much rip us off.

Well, final1y- hallejuh the godsend has come CARE PLUMBING to our rescue - Mike, John and crew came to our home and did the most professional over-haul of all of our drains, and a complete copper re-pipe of all lines, right up to the handles and drains - under-house mains all best quality materials (NORITZ- Mdl NRCll11-DV) Tankless Water Heater. (and, gas line work - all in 2 days totally amazing).

These gentlemen all deserve the 3* rating for their quick and efficient job. I consider them more like a 5 Star hotel in the quality of their work - they are true Wizards! They did a few things for us that were not on the list, above and beyond. They pointed out the best way to do some things for us - and true to their form and quality of workmanship - they did it for us!

I showed my brother-in-law the adVertisement hung on our door handle from CARE PLUMBING. This guy has built from scratch 3 houses, and he even did the architecture design on 2 of the houses. He knows how to do everything. He said, wow rocky - that is a good and reasonable price. That did help ease my apprehension on making a decision, it was easy after that!
I am not use to giving praise and compliments to someone - but they deserve every compliment due to them and then some. THANKS GUYS!

Cannot say enough good things about CARE PLUMBING (JOHN, MIKE AND CREW). THANK YOU,THANK YOU! SO MUCH!

Please send me at least half a dozen of your business cards (I want to brag and spread the word)! And put this letter into YELP for me, could not figure it out.


Rocky & Vicki
West Covina, CA

Rocky Disclaimer: I am not related to any of these great guys, I am not paid compensations. I just wish I were Armenian! Great people, awesome plumbers, and awesome people!

Rocky & Vicki - West Covina, CA

April 21, 2013
To: Care Plumbing, Inc.
Copper Repiping Specialist
919 W. isabel Street suite J
Burbank, Ca. 91506

To Whom it may Concern:

We were pleased to have our home repiped by Care Plumbing with copper pipes and new valves, water softener and reverse osmosis drinking water installed in the time stated and price quoted. They completed the work on time with all the extra work on the water heater drains, new vent line for dryer. When it was apparent that other previous work would not pass inspection, we were further given new quotes for old drain pipes which we chose to do. We are pleased with the work, the considerate way of each worker to meet our needs and the general atmosphere of kindness and ability of each person who skillfully did the work.

Yours truly,
Carolyn Yarnall

Carolyn Yarnall - Covina, CA

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Care Plumbing are hands-down the very best plumbers that my mother and I have ever dealt with. Care plumbing gives plumbers a good name. You know that you are dealing with honest plumbers when they tell you that certain repairs and upgrades are unnecessary and they would only be taking our money for no good reason. John and Mike, the principles, accommodated our urgent situation, hectic schedule, and difficult circumstances.

Care plumbing's whole crew was diligent and courteous. In fact, I have to say that Care Plumbing was a godsend. They are responsible, courteous, and very trustworthy. Not only did they provided quality service, but they also beat the other quotes by a large margin. I recently recommended them to our neighbor who was also pleased with their work and professionalism. We heard of Care Plumbing through our contractor. We contacted them immediately and believe it or not, on a Sunday, John stepped out from his family barbeque to diagnose our problem. He recognized the urgency of our situation and made us a priority.

They copper repiped our house, put in quality replacement for aging fixtures, replaced damaged drain lines, and patched the walls and ceiling where they had to make access maintaining a clean and neat environment [WE HAD A LOT OF STUFF THEY HAD TO WORK AROUND], installed reverse-osmosis water filter, shower heads, a new toilet. I have since used them and was again pleased with their outstanding work. I highly recommend Care Plumbing.

Michael and Sheila - Van Nuys, CA

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As a homeowner the main question is, "would I hire Care Plumbing again"? My answer
is YES. When hiring anyone to do work on my house I want quality work, the work done
in a timely manner, the job to be left dean, and no unexpected surprises. I got all of
that at the best price.' know it sounds like a commercial, but it's all true.

Ray Enriquez - Whittier, CA

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Hi Mike,

When we contacted Care Plumbing regarding a clogged drain, you and John arrived promptly, were very professional and we were pleased to learn that the problem could be solved immediately. As we discussed possible solutions, you and John were knowledgeable thorough and when the job was completed, we were happy with the quality of work. Plumbing problems are never easy but with Care Plumbing, we found you to be responsive to our concerns and extremly pleasant to deal with. Now you guys handle all our plumbing problems and it's great having a resource to call when we need it!

M. Holt - San Fernando Valley

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September 14, 2012

Re: CARE PLUMBING - License No. 740599/Bond No. 603161

Dear Mr. Ovsepyan:

CARE PLUMBING, treated our home as if it was theirs! John
Ovsepyan and Mike Ovsepyan, installed a new water main, whole
house copper re-pipe, new drain pipes to the sewer
connection, with new clean-outs. Relocated the AlC
condensation drain pipe to sewer. Repaired pool heater, gas
line and connected pool filter drain to the sewer. They replaced
the water heater with a Tankless Heater, the total job was
completed in a professional manner. Exceptional workmanship
including wall patching and clean up. We could not be more
satisfied with CARE PLUMBING If you any plumbing
repairs, we recommend CARE PLUMBING

Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Alley

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June 5, 2012

Care Plumbing came to my house and installed all new copper pipe. My house was built in 1954 and the galvanized pipe was a mess. John, Mike and his crew came to the house at the time they said they would be here. They put all new copper pipe in the house in one day as they stated. The patch work and clean up was very good. We now have decent water pressure and don't have to worry about the old galvanized pipe breaking.

Care Plumbing did an excellent job. The workers were courteous and pleasant. Care Plumbing's work is excelIent and I wouldn't hesitate to use the company again. I would recommend Care Plumbing to anyone thinking of having plumbing work done, especially a major plumbing job.

Walt Hauser - West Covina, CA

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January 17th, 2012

To Anyone Who has Ever Owned a Home:

After buying THE fixer-upper of a lifetime, I called Mike and John to repipe the whole
house with copper
. put in new drainage and sewer lines, install two tankfess water
, put in two commodes and even draw a drainage line for a new heating and air
conditioning unit. They are talented workers who worked efficiently, affordably, and did
their job on time. If you've ever dealt with home improvement workers. you know that it
is sometimes a crap-shoot on what you'll get, but with Care Plumbing, I got much more
than I had hoped for. I highly recommend them for any size plumbing job.

Evan & Cheryl Dagger - Altadena, CA

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Re: CARE PLUMBING, INC., & John and Mike Ovsepyan

This will advise that I have used the services of John and Mike Ovsepyan and
their plumbing contracting company, Care Plumbing, Inc., for several different
plumbing projects.

In all instances, I was 100% satisfied and pleased with their work efforts, the
quality of the materials they installed, their punctuality in meeting
appointments, and their rapid and steady work during all projects undertaken.
They are extremely well together, one in support of the other, with little or no
unrelated conversation or distractions. In short, they are all work, and the
results show the effects of their strong work ethic.

I am happy to recommend John and Mike Ovsepyan and Care Plumbing, Inc.
without equivocation for any and all plumbing needs, from repairs, to total
copper re-pipe projects and installation of new water and gas lines, both for
commercial and residential properties, and more. Their pricing is reasonable and
they stand by their work in all instances.

They have my 100% loyalty and support.


Dear John & Mike,

I just want to thank you guys for the excellent repiping work you did on my house last month. I didn’t know the first thing about plumbing, but I knew the old pipes had to be replaced. I guess I got used to the bad-tasting water little by little over the years, but my wife and I just had to have clean drinking water for the new baby, and I’m so glad my buddy recommended you. The price you guys quoted me was fair, and your team really worked like a well-oiled machine to get the job done. You were even faster than I had hoped, and you left the place spic-and-span! Now the water tastes better, and we are getting amazing pressure out of the shower. What a difference! I told all my buddies at the office about what a great job you did. Thanks, guys. I appreciate your solid work every time I turn on a faucet.



Toby F. – El Segundo, CA

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent plumbing job!

John S. - Los Angeles, CA