The water heater gets extensive use in most homes – for bathing, cooking, cleaning, and heating. The life expectancy of most water heaters is between eight and twelve years. While this can vary depending on a lot of factors, generally if your water heater is more than a decade old, if it has leaks at the bottom of the tank, or if it works only sometimes, this is an excellent time to replace it with a new water heater.

Tank-type water heaters continue to be the dominant choice for home water heating systems. A tank-type water heater is more or less a huge insulated water bottle which has heating elements inside it. Most private homes have tank-type water heaters with a reservoir holding between twenty and eighty gallons of hot water at the ready. Hot water is released from the top of the tank when someone turns on a hot water faucet. At the same time, cold water is taken in at the bottom of the tank, so the tank remains full.

Fuel sources for the tank-type water heater include natural gas, electricity, propane, or fuel oil. Care Plumbing is experienced at installing all types of water heaters.

One concern with some tank-type water heaters is energy wastage, because water in the tank is continually heated, even when no one in the house is using hot water. One sure-fire solution for this is the tankless water heater. For those who choose to stay with a traditional tank-type appliance, Repiping Specialists at Care Plumbing recommends tanks which are well-insulated, and have a high “thermal resistance” value.

For those whose water is heated with gas, Repiping Specialists at Care Plumbing can also recommend a fan-assisted water heater, or an atmospheric sealed-combustion water heater. Both of these designs reduce the energy losses related to gas venting, which is a necessary safety feature when dealing with gas.

John and Mike, Repiping Specialists at Care Plumbing will be pleased to discuss all the options for your new tank-type water heater. While there are compromises one can make regarding cost and efficiency in choosing a water heater, one area we never compromise is in your family’s safety.

Repiping Specialists at Care Plumbing always provides qualified, expert installation for your family’s new water heater, at the best possible price – guaranteed.

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