Over time, old galvanized pipes can break down inside, corroding and filling up with mineral deposits, resulting in poor water pressure, rust-colored water, and other unpleasant and unhealthy effects. Repiping is the replacement of those old pipes with new copper or PEX pipes, returning free-flowing, clean, and healthy water to your family.

John and Mike at Care Plumbing use only top-quality materials, like made-in-America type “L” hard copper or PEX-A piping. In addition, we install shut-off valves made from stainless steel and low-zinc brass, and temperature balance valves for bathtubs and showers also made from brass and stainless steel. We choose the most durable components, which will stand up to decades of use.

John and Mike are fully-licensed and have personally trained all crew members for the highest degree of skill and attention to detail. Care Plumbing prides ourselves on top-flight workmanship, which we stand behind with our fully-transferable lifetime guarantee.

Other repiping companies subcontract out their work, and homeowners often become dissatisfied in dealing with multiple layers of bureaucracy. That won’t happen when you choose Repiping Specialists at Care Plumbing. John and Mike run a family business. Each of them has eighteen years of experience in repiping, and one of the brothers will be leading your crew himself. We do not use subcontractors whatsoever – personal service is our specialty.

Most repiping jobs can be finished in three days or less, and we’ll treat your home with the utmost respect, as if it were our own. John and Mike Repiping Specialists at Care Plumbing have repiped over 5,000+ homes all over Southern California. We have the skills and professionalism to provide your home with a safe and dependable repiping, at the best possible price.

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