Gas is a safe source for household energy needs, but the lines must be installed throughout a home with proper technique to mitigate the risks inherent to gas.

If you ever notice the smell of gas filling your home, you may have a dangerous leak. If this happens, find the main gas shutoff valve, and quickly turn it off to cut the supply. Then call Repiping Specialists at Care Plumbing and John and Mike will be at your home ASAP, to evaluate the situation and offer you solutions.

People often think of plumbing as limited to water – however, a plumber’s expertise must also extend to gas. In many homes, gas is involved in all of the family’s bathing, cooking, and heating needs.

As longtime licensed plumbing contractors, Repiping Specialists’ John and Mike at Care Plumbing have the expertise and experience to install new gas lines both indoors and outdoors for your home.

Whether you need Gas Line Installation, Gas Leaks, Gas Pipe Repair, kitchen or bathroom remodeling, or adding a pool, spa, fireplace, or barbecue, Care Plumbing will handle the work with professionalism and efficiency, at the best possible price.

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