Copper Pipes



Copper piping is exceptionally durable, lasting well over 100 years. They are also lead-free, and biostatic – copper stops the growth of bacteria! Copper piping is the choice of many homeowners looking for a long term plumbing solution with brand new pipes.



For many decades, galvanized pipes were the standard material installed in most homes. However, over time the zinc layer on the inside of these iron pipes corrodes, and several problems can result. These include low water pressure, sudden temperature changes in the shower, bad-tasting water, rust-colored water or spots on the laundry, and leaks either in a house’s plumbing or under its concrete slab.

If any of these things are happening at your house, then chances are you have galvanized pipes somewhere in your system, and this is the right time to repipe your home with copper pipes.




With copper repiping, your family will experience clean water that flows faster and you will be able to use all faucets and fixtures comfortably at the same time.

Copper repiping will also add to the value of your home, as it will be attractive to potential buyers in the future.

Piping your house with Copper Pipes is not a temporary plumbing fix, where we take out a few short sections of pipe and you get the same problem somewhere else a few years later. Copper repiping is a complete replacement of your home’s supply plumbing. Care Plumbing is a Copper Repiping specialist catering to Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, and all other cities in Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Orange and Riverside Counties. When we fixes the problem with the pipes, it stays fixed!

If you are considering a remodeling project for your home, this would also be a good time to re-pipe with copper.




Call today for your free estimate. Once we’ve settled on a solution and received your authorization, we’ll locate access to the old pipes and cover your possessions with drop-cloths. Then we’ll remove the old pipes and start installing your new, made-in-the-USA type “L” hard copper piping. We deburr all the pipe cuts for maximum water flow.

We strap and secure all pipes in place. They are insulated against the loss of heat, and isolated for minimum vibration and sound. We use ¼-turn kwik ball-type water stops and stainless steel supply lines.

When the installation of your new copper repiping is finished, we pressure-test and flush out the system. Repiping takes 1-3 days. At the end of each day, we clean up after ourselves. When the copper repiping is complete, we will patch the walls, and they will be ready for paint. We do our best so that after we leave, your home will look as though we were never there.


We’re sure you’ll enjoy the safety and convenience returned to your family by a new copper repiping from Care Plumbing. Our team of trained installation experts uses only top-quality materials, and we treat your home as if it was our own.

John and Mike have repiped over 5,000 homes in LA, and we are committed to offering the best possible service in Los Angeles at the best possible price.

Call or email us today for your Free Repiping Estimate.