Copper Repiping

About this Project

1. New copper water main coming out off the ground. Asphalt is cut in a small section and the rest is done by hydro boring, an innovative method we use to avoid cutting the entire length of the pipe run.
2. New copper water main line running under ground . We cut only sections and use a method called hydro boring where the pipe is connected to boring drill and to water supply as the pipe is rotating it shoots a water and makes an opening for the pipe to run trough . Using this method we can reduce time and expense.
3. Copper pipe whit a tee that branches off and continues.
4. The depth of under ground copper water pipe should be no less then 12 inches.
5. 90 degree turn of the new copper water main.
6. Section of a new main water supply line done by copper pipe.
7. In this picture you can see part of a 300 feet long water supply line. We cut only sections and hydro bored the rest, saving trenching time and asphalt patching.
8. Asphalt is cut and removed, plastic tarps are laid under the dirt, new copper pipe is installed ready for inspection.
9. A spigot installed off of the main water supply line on the exterior of the building.
10. As the copper pipe comes out from under ground it is wrapped whit tick plastic adhesive tape to prevent asphalt touching the pipe directly.
11. Pressure regulator group before the trench is closed.
12. A brunch off from the main water supply line for irrigation system with separate ball type shut off valve and keyed spigot.
13. /
14. Pressure regulator group after the trench is closed. In this picture you can see all the components that are required on the main water line before it enters the building On the left vertical pipe is the main shot off valve quarter turn ball type, On the top horizontal pipe is the pressure regulator which regulates the pressure it is required if the street pressure is over 90 PSI, on the right upper corner is the pressure relief valve and its for to relief high pressure in case the pressure regulator fails.

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