Leaking Water Pipes – Cause Damage

Leaking Water Piping Damage

I came across a house that had major water damage from leaking pipes. The house had old galvanized pipes that had started leaking. The owners had no idea that this was happening within their walls. They contacted us to take a look at their low water pressure issue. After investigating the problem, we were able to identify that they had major leaks in numerous places in their plumbing system. Unfortunately this problem must have existed for a long time since they had major damage to the wood of the sub flooring.

I wanted to share this with everyone in an effort to inform you of the importance of having a solid plumbing system. You should fix your issues as quickly as possible to avoid damage that’s unnecessary.

Leaking Water Pipes Damage
Many of our customers often ask how they can know if they have leaking pipes if they don’t see them. My recommendation is that if your plumbing system has old galvanized pipes, always contact a professional if you have any concerns and on a periodic basis. Many repiping specialists (including us) will come out to your house or business, assess the situation, and provide valuable feedback regarding the state of your piping system. Water leaks are generally identified by home owners when they have low water pressure or when they notice water damage. Unfortunately, often times the issue is identified too late and the leaking water from the pipes has already caused a lot of damage to the house. Home owners generally do not go under the house nor have special tools to monitor, analyze, and detect leaks and plumbing problems with their old galvanized piping systems, therefore I would recommend getting a professional to check things out on a regular basis. We visit our doctors regularly to ensure we solve the small health problems before they grow into something bigger and the same care should be taken with our plumbing system. My suggestion is to get a regular checkup as often as you’d like to ensure a peace of mind. I’d love to hear your feedback and questions regarding this topic.


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