Copper Repiping

About this Project

1. A major water damage. Water is coming down from the ceiling. This is a 7 year old house and the pipes that was installed is copper type M maid in Mexico. We use copper type L which is ticker and maid in USA, the manufacturer gives 50 year warranty.
2. Example of poor workmanship, flux is left all over the pipes which oxidizes the copper and damages the pipe.
3. Copper repiping done trough the ceiling between the floors.
4. New hot and cold copper pipes running neatly trough the floor joists. The plastic around the pipes are plastic isolators to isolate the copper pipe from the wood, it makes the pipes tight and muffs the sound.
5. Copper repipe trough the ceiling hot and cold brunch offs for bathroom sink on the second floor.
6. Cold water line coming from the ceiling to the reassessed box for refrigerator and ice maker.

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